Workers Compensation: A look at common workers’ injuries

Getting injured is an un-fortunatereality of everyone’s lives. This is especially true for those working on construction sites. Even after putting in place a wide array of protective measures, workers are not always safe on their site. There are numerous areas where a worker might find themselves vulnerable to injuries. The Insurance Journal, based on the personal injury claims, has come up with the five most typical workers injuries.

These include:

  • Strains and other sprain injuries account for over 30% of workplace injuries
  • Cuts account for another 19% of workplace injuries
  • Contusions occupy third place in the list of workplace injuries at 12%
  • Inflammation and fractures account for 5% of injuries at a workplace

The most common workplace injuries

The Department of Labor has also listedsprains and strains as one of the most typicalinjuries face byemployeesat construction sites. While an injury can take place anywhere, most of these are found in blue collar jobs. Overexertion while handling heavy materials can often lead to strains and sprains in workers. This is especially common for employees in the construction industry.

In manufacturing jobs, eye injuries are the most typical – and finally, injuriesinvolving tools and machines are most seen in warehouses and construction/manufacturing sites.

While anyone can slip and get injured, the slip and fall injuries seem to be most common for jobs based predominantly outdoors. Judging by the number of car accident claimsfiled over a period of time, vehicle injury constitutesone of the most common workers’ injuries. This is also confirmed by the many disability insurance claims filed by workers in various industries.

Unfortunately, workplace violence has also beenamajorcause of personal injury claims. Such instances involve fights and violent retaliation amongst employees.

The Insurance Journal has also come up with a list of the top five jobs that are most vulnerable to workplace accidents. These include:

  • Police and other security personnel
  • Nursing aides, attendants, and orderlies
  • Workers in the cleaning sector
  • Heavy truck and Tractor-trailer drivers

Workers compensation cover is available for most workers. However, in a number of cases, the employers reject the claims put forward by the employees mainly because they lack a detailed knowledge of their professional liability in such situations. In such a scenario, hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer would be a wise idea.

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