Planning a short trip to Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is one of those places that you have to visit when it comes to a Gujarat tour. This ex-capital of the state is one of the most exciting and interesting cities to explore when it comes to this part of the country.

If you are planning a tour of Gujarat, then make a stop for at least 2 nights in Ahmedabad. Make sure you book a room in one of the many five star hotels in Ahmedabad Gujarat and then get ready to enjoy a nice and comfortable stay. If you need some help while planning your stay in Ahmedabad, then here is a basic guideline that will definitely help you:

Day 1 in the city

Try to reach as early as possible in the morning in the city since then you will have a lot of time to roam around the city on your very first day. Once you reach the city, check into a hotel where you have made arrangements for your accommodation, enjoy a hearty meal and then set out for the JhulataMinar. This is a very interesting architecture that you will find in this city. The speciality of this structure is that when you shake one pillar, the other one begins to vibrate.

After the JhulataMinara, head out for the Dada Hari Wav. This is a step well that was built by a woman who came from the harem of Sultan Begara. This architecture is dated to the 1499AD. The most unique feature of this step well is that you it remains cool inside even on the most scorching summer days as well. The architecture of this step well is also something to take note of.

Head back to one of the Ahmedabad luxury hotels where you are staying, for lunch or for some rest and then head out in the evening to the Kankaria Lake. It is the largest lake in the city and the colourful lights that adorn it in the evening are worth a watch! Have an early dinner and turn in.

Day 2 in the city

Head out for the Gandhi Ashram in Sabarmati early in the morning. This is the place from where Gandhiji had conducted a large part of the Indian freedom movement. He and his followers had also set out for Dandi, to break the Salt Law imposed by the British, from here. When you visit this place today you will be able to see the room where Gandhiji lived and there is a museum too with really interesting artefacts from that period.

Take your lunch from a road side food stall to try out the famous Gujarati thali. Then make your way to the Swaminarayan Temple. This is a modern structure but it attracts a lot of tourists for it sheer grandeur. In the evening, head out to the law garden night market to shop for some authentic goodies of Gujarat at really cheap prices. If you want, you can also visit Manek Chowk that night to try out some delicious Gujarati snacks.

There’s plenty to do and see in Ahmedabad. So make sure that you plan for at least a two nights’ stay in the city.


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