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Do Arts the Science Way !

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Muslim girls make up tips for wedding

We have to short describe Indian muslim girls make up guide. Clean the face befitting the skin type. Apply a skin softener or a skin neutralizer or a moisturizer. After doing the

Morning and evening make up tips for women

The marriage has an important role in everybody’s life. Every caste has its own customs and traditions. They hold marriage occasions at different times in the morning, at noon and at night.

Navratri make up tips for man and women

Coming soon Navratri mohatsav , Indian culture in more value for the Navratri mohatsav, that time many women changing own make up and dressing style for dance, we have to come complete

Indian bindis design

Peer Bindi is done with Shringar and Water-colour. For Peer and Bindi, the brushes – Nos. 0 and 1 are used. To make Peer and Bindi look proper and better, enlarged pictures are given

wedding mehandi function make up method

Indian culture in wedding part is important in the life but before 1 program is important that’s name is mehandi function, every women changing own look by  make up so we have to express some

Party make up tips for girls

Before going to the party every women / girls want to make up own face , urgent make up and short tips we have to publish so read and try to use

Before wedding diet tips for bride

Every woman thinks her self beautiful and tries to maintain that beauty at any age. They try to make the parts and limbs, like hair, eyes, skin, nail, fade, etc. look more

Marwadi women makeup tips

Indian Marwadi women always like for Bridal Make-up so below we have to mention method of Bridal Make-up. Skin tone – Medium Fair Clean the face befitting the skin type. Apply a skin softener or

Makeup tips for christian women over 20

Below we have to mention of Makeup Tips for christian women Skin tone – Fair Clean the face befitting the skin type. Apply a skin softener or a skin neutralizer or a

Blush techniques for face shape

The blusher is used to emphasise the shape of the face. Facial expressions can be shown better by using the blusher. The blusher is a shading technique. The blusher is the only