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Why hurdles in women’s career progression

If one were to consider the career path of any woman in an all-inclusive manner, it would emerge that there are varied impediments to progression. More »

Carrier in Computer science

Computer science is one of the most sought after subjects of study. With new technological innovations driving up the demand for skilled scientists, computer science students have exciting career opportunities open to. More »

Top 10 collages for nursing education in india

Health care services are evolving at a very fast pace across the globe. With new developing technologies in the field of medicines, patients are being offered the best service, hence reducing their illness span. More »

How to save car / bike fuel

The Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA) has claimed that fuel can be saved on a large scale by following very simple and easy measures while driving a vehicle. More »


Ritesh Deshmukh’s road show in latur and udgir

Film actor Ritesh Deshmukh’s road show was organized at Udgir by Congress party to support its Lok Sabha candidate Dattatraya Bansode. Thousands of youths thronged across the main roads to have a

Tamil lakshmi rai actress

A Lakshmi Rai is a pretty tamil actress from Bangalore. She is very famous in south Indian movies, tamil movies “Karka Kasadara” from her carrier life start then she appeared in various

Keeping Family Travel Fun and Healthy

One of the most important jobs of parents is helping kids make healthy choices. As a mom, I work hard to help my family eat healthily and get plenty of exercise and

RTO Latest system

The up gradation of software at the Regional Transport Office (RTO) has been completed. Now, the documents of the vehicles are being issued. The process is easy and time saving but many

Vote to Ashokrao chavan for development

“Former chief minister Asharao Chavan has brought the name of Nanded city on the map of the country. Now the country wants him for development of the Marathwada region,” said Chief Minister

Plagiarism affects PhD thesis quality

Universities are considered to be centers of educational excellence and knowledge creation through research. But society’s trust is being betrayed as growing number of teachers are getting PhDs through fraudulent means. Plagiarism

Personal health care tips

How much meat can I eat in one meal? The average amount of meat recommended by dietary guidelines is 5 ounces per day. If you kep a deck of cards handy by

Live narendra modi rally and speech in Balasore Odisha

10.30 am on this time rally will be start and speech for public. I hope whole Balasore coming on the speech location and enthusiastically vote for modi. Time : 10.30 am Day :

Narendra Modi live speech in Arrah, Bihar

Now you see the live speech of Narendra Modi in the Arrah. Bihar Location. Arrah Publish enthusiastically listing a modi speech and you can watch on live.

Canvassing goes Hi-tech

With the Lok Sabha election fever gripping the district, candidates belonging to different parties are not taking any chances and are making use of all the options available, including, of course, social