Impudent workplace comportment

Most people Endeavor to avoid behaving in an offensive or crude manner at their place of work. However, in quite a few instances, the dividing line between palatable More »

Do Arts the Science Way !

How would you feel if you could do two things simultaneously? More »

Christmas is the festival of get-together and of merry making. During the time of Christmas there can be of many social parties. More »

All people who are greenhorns in their respective careers aspire to do well in their lives and careers. More »


Throat-Drying Water Facts You Need to Know

If you live in a place where there’s plenty of clean water for your every need, chances are you may be you ignorant about what some people in arid parts of the

No compromises with quality & meritocracy

I had spent the most malleable and moldable part of my early childhood in the company of teachers and facilitators. May be subconsciously these role models have influenced me in taking up

Can dehydration cause bad breath?

Yes. Not drinking enough water or fluids can  cause dehydration, which in turn decreases the formation of saliva and leaves the mouth dry. When the mouth is dry, bad breath is more

What is cirrhosis of the liver?

Cirrhosis refers to the scarring and cell damage of the liver. It can eventually lead to serious liver disease, liver failure and cancer. No symptoms are exhibited in the early stages of

What is a lipoma?

A lipoma is a collection of soft fatty tissue. Lipomas can occur at any location in the body where fat is present. They are not cancerous and can range in size from

What is the microalbumin test?

The microalbumin test is conducted on a urine sample to identify kidney disease that can occur as complication of diabetes. The test should be carried out annually following the diagnosis of diabetes

What should I eat to control my blood sugar level?

You should eat foods having a low glycaemic index i.e. foods that release sugar slowly into the blood to maintain your blood sugar levels. Half your diet should comprise vegetables and /or

How to make attractive Diary cover

The Diary is regular usages iteam in our life, so It’s look also attractive, due to we prefer to keep near. So it’s very simple idea to make Diary cover, just follow

Positive attitude is the key to success

As an educationalist, what is your personal approach towards teaching? I believe in more holistic approach as it connects with the real world .This concept is very useful in information system. It

Don’t be a rigid workplace personality

There is no workplace where people work in isolation or in watertight compartments. They are required to interact, cooperate and work together. Such efforts are facilitated by a pleasant working atmosphere wherein