After SSC best career options in India

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Why hurdles in women’s career progression

If one were to consider the career path of any woman in an all-inclusive manner, it would emerge that there are varied impediments to progression. More »

Carrier in Computer science

Computer science is one of the most sought after subjects of study. With new technological innovations driving up the demand for skilled scientists, computer science students have exciting career opportunities open to. More »

Top 10 collages for nursing education in india

Health care services are evolving at a very fast pace across the globe. With new developing technologies in the field of medicines, patients are being offered the best service, hence reducing their illness span. More »

How to save car / bike fuel

The Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA) has claimed that fuel can be saved on a large scale by following very simple and easy measures while driving a vehicle. More »


Tips to keep your boiler and industry safe and accident free

Boilers have been used in modern industries from a very long time. They are used by many industries for production of heavy amounts of pressure and temperature along with steam that could

Pipe bevelling for creating the best pipe joints

Pipelines have a prominent use in almost every industry known. Major industries that use pipelines are textile mills, oil and gas refineries, chemical manufacturing plants, alcohol breweries and distilleries, etc. When an

Deep information about Sindhutai Sapkal

When she was born, her parents nicknamed her `Chindi’ which means ‘a useless scrap of cloth’ in Marathi. Sindhu was the daughter of an illiterate cowherd in Pimpri, near Pune. They lived

About Chilka lake

  Chilika lake is situated 90 km from Bhubanes.war in the state of Orissa. Chilika, spread over an area of 1100 is the largest brackish water lake in India. Due to

Say no to workplace bullying

People keep talking about harassment, intimidation and victimization at work place. All these manifest bullying and denotes recurring, deliberate conduct that is intended to demean and demoralize an employee and undermine his

Malala Yousafzai is the youngest winner of the Noble Peace Prize

Malala was on her way home from school on October 9, 2012. Two gunmen stopped the bus, climbed in and angrily asked for her. Then they shot her through the head and

Big bonus to boost business

The biggest news on television, during the whole of Diwali week, was a unique case of gifting bonus. A diamond merchant from Surat, who gifted his employees flats, cars and jewelries, what

6 Healthy Foods to Give Your Toddler

It is hard to push your children eat the right and nutritious food that they need. Because most of the time, toddler can be so picky when it comes to eating. But

Benefits of Sulabha chakrasana – The easy wheel pose

Sulabha is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘easy’ and Chakrasana is a posture that resembles a wheel. In this asana, the body is bent sideways to resemble part of a wheel. To do

About EECP Therapy and its benefits

EECP or Enhanced External Counter Pulsation is considered to be an outpatient therapy to treat heart failure and angina. This therapy is known to include one hour treatment, every day for 5