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Good News for mobile user now you can use Face book and what app without internet, coming soon this apps will be launched in India. This Project first concept generate in pune city and 3 IT student working on this project, first test successful now only some legal process remain so until not available in Google play store. This app Size is 78M, before download the app keep the some vacant space in the mobile.   Unique Technology supporting to this application in india, this […]

Exchange Server, as we are familiar, is a distinguished mail server provided by Microsoft for business enterprises in a bid to provide a centralized storage of data for establishing a private communication network.In addition to being a prominent mail client, Exchange® also is an efficient softwarefor calendaring and managing contacts.The Information Store in MS Exchange stores the mailbox database in the EDB file. More about Exchange EDB Files: EDB stands for Exchange Database files. As the name suggests, EDB file is the storehouse of the […]

Everyday, nearly 400 to 500 tones of garbage is generated in the city. The volume increases to 525 tonne on Mondays and Tuesdays due to holiday on Sunday. We do our best in the available manpower and resources. I feel that looking at the expanding city, we need at least 3000 sanitation employees. Currently, some of our labourers are not doing sanitation work but have been deployed in activities like office work. For the last ten years there has been no recruitment so while the […]

Do not be afraid “Swine flu” is not danger disease, when you take time to time treatment then it will be solve, this information we have to describe in the Marathi language and how to care from Swine flu disease read below information in the Marathi language.          

A doctor is said to be next to God as he is a life saver. Half of the patient’s illness is cured if a doctor turns out to be a good listener. Dr. Jayashree Mulik, a famous and dedicated gynecolo-gist of the city who also is an Associate Professor (Dept. of OB & Gyn) at Government Medical College, Nagpur, is one such doctor. She is not only very professional and guides her patients in a right way but also connects to each one of them […]

Is scoring good marks in your exams one of your resolutions for the year, but your memory is letting you down? Start working on some tried and tested memory improvement techniques NOW. Attention to detail : Concentration is a crucial component of memory: Paying close attention to details in the material/ lesson you are studying, helps move information from short term to long term memory. Use of mnemonics to retain information: Mnemonics (pronounced ni-mo-niks) is a technique of improving memory that recommends associating a term/ […]

This time table pick up from Maharashtra SSC Board official website, the SSC exam final date is 3 march means exam will be start from 3-March – 2015, below we have to show paper details and exam time with subject details. DATE SUBJECT TIME 3-March-2015 MARATHI 11: Am to 2:00 Pm 5-March-2015 HINDI 11: Am to 2:00 Pm 7-March-2015 ENGLISH 11: Am to 2:00 Pm 10-March-2015 ALBEGRA 11: Am to 1:00 Pm 12-March-2015 GEOMETRY 11: Am to 1:00 Pm 14-March-2015 SCIANCE AND TECHNOLOGY 11: Am […]

Bombay high court demanding online application for the various post like Recruitment- Member, Industrial Court and Judge, Labour Court 2015 New, this post application last date is 23-feb-201 and time 5:30 pm. After application link will be close after this dated. Read the below paper add after visit official site then process to apply for this post Application Link

Coming soon HSC board exam according to board start from 21 – Feb, 2015, this year no more holiday between exam so paper are continue, hope total student start study from today and get full marks in the exam. MCVC Marathi Medium Time Table Date Subject Time 21- Feb-2015 Marathi 11:00  Am to 2:00 Pm 23- Feb-2015 English 11:00  Am to 2:00 Pm 24-Feb-2015` Hindi 11:00  Am to 2:00 Pm 25-Feb-2015 GFC (I) 11:00  Am to 1:00 Pm 26-Feb-2015 GFC(II) 11:00  Am to 1:00 Pm […]

Surekha punekar daughter

Surekha had planting Emperor in Maharashtra and now days her daughter also doing a best performance in Marathi stage, she same look to surekha and now days she doing a more stage shows in the maratwada. Planting Emperor in first women is Surekha punekar, then her art following his daughter. We have to collect some interesting dancing photo.

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